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Swimming Pool Tile Installation

Pool Supplies of Corona is your one-stop shop for all your pool needs. With years of experience in the industry, we provide comprehensive pool tiling services, including tile selection, installation, and repair. Not only do we offer a wide selection of pool tile types, but our helpful staff is always ready to provide guidance and advice. With Pool Supplies of Corona, you can count on quality products, friendly service, and reliable results.

Types of Tile

Waterline Tile

Pool waterline tile is placed immediately below the coping or deck. This design feature is particularly frequent in gunite/plaster pools. Consider pool tile size and grout color while picking waterline tile design. Make sure your grout color matches your design. 

Trim Tile

Along the leading edge of stairs or benches, you'll find trim tile. Putting tiles on stairs and benches makes them easier to see, which reduces the risk of people falling down them. For maximum impact, we can tile entire benches and steps.

Spillway Tile

Spas and hot tubs that drain directly into pools often make use of spillway tile in their dam walls. For a unified look, many opt to use the same tile for both the waterline and the spillway.

Raised Bond Beams

Elevated bond beams form a wall along a pool's deck. Tile or stone cover the beam. Create a backyard showpiece with raised beams. Elevated beams can hold hot tubs, planters, fountains, and other hardscape components.

Our pool experts can install or replace pool tiling. We can assist with pre-installation resurfacing. We'll help you install your pool tile to change its look. We'll provide peace of mind as well as superior services. Our ethics include providing excellent service, respecting customers, and charging fair costs. We can handle any retiling project.

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