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Pentair IntelliFlo3 Variable Speed Flow Pool Pump

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IntelliFlo3 Manual

Model #  011075


The IntelliFlo3 VSF pool pump raises the standard for performance with its built-in sensorless flow control that enables effortless optimal flow. This pump also contributes to the pool's ability to remain inviting and crystal clear, regardless of the demands that are placed on it. A pump that is so intelligent that you won't even notice it's there. The movement of water is of paramount importance. In addition, this pump is the only one of its kind in the industry to have proprietary sensorless flow technology, which allows the water flow to be automatically adjusted according to the circumstances of your pool. 


Let the only pool pump with sensorless flow control cruise your pool. An intelligent pool pump. No of your pool's needs, sensorless flow technology lets you set and forget to maintain a clear and inviting pool.

Flow is everything

Pentair designed a game-changing pump.

Adapts to pool water conditions - Flow speed adjusts automatically.

For clearer water, bubbling bubblers, cascading fountains, and longer-lasting crucial equipment.

Variable speed and sensorless flow save 90% on electricity.

Touchscreen Use
A touchscreen controller on the pump drive lets you alter pump parameters and design run schedules from the equipment pad. Touchscreen controller instructions follow.

Touchscreen controllers can be fitted to any IntelliFlo3 VSF or IntelliPro3 VSF pump. Pentair offers a Touchscreen Controller Kit, part codes 356159Z (almond) and 356348Z, to add a touchscreen to your pump (black).


  • The pool's optimal flow rate is maintained by a proprietary flow system.

  • An estimated 90%+ in reduced energy consumption. Low-velocity and controlled flow are more efficient.

  • new drive, hydraulics, and motor. conformity with the Department of Energy

  • The Pentair Home app or a touchscreen controller is a breeze to use.

  • WEF 7.1 THP 3.0 voltage 208-230

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