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Create a Wonderful Pool Experience with Pentair EasyTouch Automation System

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There is a wide variety of styles and amenities available for backyard swimming pools. There are the classic above-ground pools that are perfect for a quick dip and cool down, the elegant and sophisticated in-ground pools, and the unforgettable backyard pool experiences. It is the goal of every pool owner to have one of these extravagant pools, which may include elaborate lighting systems, water features, and even a built-in whirlpool. Yet maintaining and operating a backyard pool experience is a lot of work.


Every piece of pool equipment used to have its own instruction booklet and method of use. That every pool owner would have to spend half their summer poring through manuals to decipher the codes needed to activate the blue lights and set the whirlpool jets on a timer. The process was not only time-consuming, but also left many pool owners feeling irritated.


But pool owners need not worry any more, as a new kid on the block by the name of Pentair Easy Touch Automation System has arrived. Asking, "What is an automation system?" is a very reasonable question. First, let's simplify things...

What is a pool automation system?
With a pool automation system, you can control every aspect of your swimming pool from a single, intuitive control panel. This means you can forget about memorizing a huge list of button codes for your pool's many devices and features. Lastly, there is no catch.

Does it really control everything?
The Pentair Easy Touch Automation system does, in fact, manage your entire pool. Besides being able to regulate temperature and lighting, it can also keep tabs on chlorine levels in the water and operate pumps, filters, and timers.

How will it help my pool experience?

Accessing all of your pool's features has never been easier than with the Pentair Easy Touch Automation System. Having complete command over your pool's ecosystem ensures that it will always look and feel fantastic by adjusting the water temperature, lighting, chlorine levels, and pump system as needed. On top of that, the Easy Touch Automation System will aid in getting your pool ready for use whenever the mood strikes. No more last-minute pump adjustments for parties or water quality checks before your morning swim.
Automatic processes can be viewed as an extra pair of hands. It can undoubtedly aid you with any activities that you previously found bothersome. That's a victory for all parties involved!

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