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How to manage your pool after the rain
Rain water can alter the chemical balance in your pool. Due to the chemical unbalance in rain water this can result in the chemistry of your pool being altered, thus causing staining, scale, or algae growth. Even dirt and debris can enter your pool from flooding or pooling water which can then potentially damage your pool equipment.
Here are some tips to keep your pool maintained after the rain...
Helpful items for a post-rain clean-up
  • Chlorine (FNC if chlorination levels are okay)
  • pH Adjusters (Acid, Soda Ash, Alkaline up
  • Clear Aid
  • Enzyme/Phosphate Remover
  • Stain Inhibitor (Stain & Scale)
  • Pool Brush and Telescoping Pole Vacuum hose
  • Manual vacuum head or automatic pool cleaner
  • Skimmer net or leaf rake
  • Test kit or Test Strip
  • Salt (If it's a salt-water pool)
  • Conditioner (Cyanuric Acid)
Clean Up Process
  • Remove large debris from the pool surface and floor using a leaf rake or skimmer net.
  • Empty dirt and debris from the skimmer basket and pool pump basket.
  • Turn on the pump to verify that the circulation system is operational.
  • Check the water levels. If the water is higher than the middle of the tile or skimmer opening, lower the level with a submersible pump.
  • Vacuum dirt from the pool floor and walls with an automatic pool cleaner or manual pool cleaner.
  • Brush the pool thoroughly with the appropriate brush for your pool surface.
  • Run your pool's pump and filter continuously until the pool returns to its normal condition. Backwash or clean your filter when pressure is 8 - 10 psi above starting pressure.
Pool net, Pool supplies of corona, pool supplies of corona blog
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